Toyota FJ Cruiser - TCP Baja Edition

Toyota FJ Cruiser – TCP Baja Edition

To me the Toyota FJ Cruiser is easily one of the boldest automotive designs in the past few decades. It is every boy’s Tonka truck come to life, a crazy bit of animé design that jumped from screen to the road. As stock, the design is more than enough but it just begs to be chopped… And yes, even though TRD and several other do supercharge kits, it needed a Hoonigan style turbo sticking out of the hood…

Here’s a bit of design history…

“The idea of a new FJ with rugged capabilities of the FJ40 originated in the mid 1990s with Toyota’s product planner Dave Danzer and vice-president of sales and operations Yoshi Inaba.

Danzer worked secretly with Akio Toyoda to set up a special shop at the NUMMI plant to test the feasibility of a new FJ40 by combining Tacoma underpinnings with the bodies of Toyota Bandeirantes, an FJ40-based vehicle, which was still in production in Brazil (as a diesel model only) at the time; the Bandeirante was discontinued in 2001.Toyoda returned to Japan to join the board of directors giving a high level support to the project. Toyota’s flagship design studio, Calty, was then brought in to deliver a fresh interpretation of the FJ40.

Calty hired veteran Chrysler automotive designer Bill Chergosky to lead the development of an offroad vehicle known internally as the Rugged Youth Utility (RYU) aimed at attracting young male buyers, a segment Toyota felt they were losing touch with at the time. Many takes on the RYU concept were created including the 2001 Rugged Sports Coupe concept before a retro style design created by 24-year-old designer Jin Won Kim was chosen as the final exterior concept, with Chergosky designing the interior.

The FJ Cruiser concept debuted at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show in Voodoo Blue.”

– Toyota FJ Cruiser, Wikipedia

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