NSR500-BRAAAP The Contact Patch


I grew up watching the 2 stroke era of Gardner, Doohan, Lawson and Rossi, when the machines were untamed beasts and their rider’s, gods. The smell of 2 stroke exhaust still makes my wrist twitch and brings back memories of bikes such as the RGV and TZR 250’s… when riding pooly disguised race bikes on the streets was allowed!

“The NSR’s first championship went to Spencer in 1985, then Wayne Gardner in 1987, Eddie Lawson in 1989. In 1994 Mick Doohan began a five-year reign, followed by Alex Criville and then Valentino Rossi. The NSR won seven of the last eight two-stroke championships, bringing Honda’s total to 12 in 20 years, along with 12 constructor titles. Honda two-strokes won 146 GPs, all but 14 of them with the fin de siècle V4.

With its unique warbling drone, the NSR had achieved eventual domination of the 500 class. It was brutally fast as well as refined, reliable and rideable. It remains the ultimate icon of the breed.”

– Goodwood.com

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