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Mini Cooper S

“A new version of the Mini was entered for 1964: the Cooper S. Both power and speed had been improved. Engine displacement had been raised to 1071cc, with a maximum output of 70 horsepower. Not only did the higher top speed of 99 mph promise to make the Mini more competitive, but also—and, indeed, above all—much faster acceleration was now available. A blast from a standstill to 100 km/h now took only 13 seconds instead of 19. The rally began well for the Mini drivers, as the average speed of all cars on their 4000-kilometer trip to Reims, the meeting point of the “concentration runs,” was 31 mph. That may seem slow, but only 277 cars reached this first destination—all the works Minis among them. Then, in this historic French city, rally officials carefully made a note of the number plates on the three red Minis: 33 EJB driven by Paddy Hopkirk, LBL 6D with Rauno Aaltonen at the wheel, and AJB 44B piloted by Timo Mäkinen. The three cars with their white roofs were destined to become legend…”

– David S Wallens. Classic Motorsports, Monte Carlo Minis

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