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Mercedes Benz W154

The Mercedes-Benz W154 was the ultimate pre war Grand Prix car , boasting the most powerful normally aspirated engine seen in Grand Prix racing until the turbo era in the 1980s…

Built in response to the new formula for 1938, which specified a maximum capacity of 3,0000 cc for super-charged engines and 4,500 cc for normally aspired. The Mercedes M154 boasted a 60° V-12 with 48 valves, twin Roots superchargers and no less than nine oil pumps; it also used an unusual fuel mixture which combined methyl alcohol, nitrobenzene, acetone, and sulphuric either. Consuming an estimated litre of fuel for every kilometre (2.8 mpg), the W154 had to carry more than 400 litres (88 gal) of fuel in two tanks: one in the tail and the other between the driver’s seat and the engine, and rather unusually, fuel was also used to cool the pistons!

Wherever the W154’s went during the ’38 and ’39 seasons, victory followed including a triple victory in French Grand Prix on 3 July 1938 at Reims.

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