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Mercedes Benz W125

When the Mercedes team rolled its new W125 off the boat in Tripoli in early 1937, the 750 kg era of motor racing was about to begin its final year, and the W 125 was developed specifically for that single year. So it was that Mercedes Benz’ W125 dominated the racing world with victories in the Grand Prix in Tripoli and the Avus Race, double victories in the Grands Prix in Germany, Italy and Brinn, triple victories in the Grands Prix in Monaco and Switzerland.

The W125’s Roots supercharged 5.6 litre, desmodromic inline 8, produced 595 bhp (444 kW) and had been shoehorned into a chassis that fell under the 750 kg limit by a single kilogram, and the engine weighed a full one third of the car’s entire dry weight! The W125 remained the most powerful racing car produced for 3 decades, until large capacity American-built V8 engines in CanAm sportcars reached similar power in the mid 1960s. In Grand Prix racing itself, the figure was not exceeded until the early 1980s, with the appearance of turbo-charged engines in Formula One.

The 1938 season though saw a new regulation aimed to curtail the power madness, with capacities limited to 3000cc. Benz’s answer – the W154.


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